Simple Nessus Scanner and Reporting Web Interface

simpleness was created out of a need to have a neat and simple web frontend to allow for multiple users as well as reporting for upper management.

I, like many people, started with Inprotect. Inprotect is a great tool, but it didn't do everything I wanted or the way I wanted. There is also nessquik, but I've not used it. I have to credit the original Inprotect as I based many of my first ideas from that product.

And hopefully one day, if the cyber-squatters ever lay off, I'll pickup, .net or .org. But until then, I have to go with what I have.

*** UPDATE (1/14/08) ***

I just released version 2.1 to fix a few bugs. Version 2.1 is the fully installable version, but it is not necessary to overwrite all of the files to complete the upgrade. Only the Flash files need to be overwritten. Details can be found here.


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